Enforcement and Compliance Programme

Enforcement and Compliance Programme


To stop encroachment of the BJCMNP boundary and destruction of forest and wildlife within.

Strategic Approach:

Enforcement and compliance of environmental legislation is often regarded as the most important, yet most deficient area of resource management. Park management will seek to improve this situation using the following approaches:

  • Increase the level of presence of enforcement officers.
  • Use technology (e.g. GIS and drones) to better detect and monitor breaches of environmental legislation.
  • Take action to stop and deter illegal activities and resolve boundary and other resource use conflicts.
  • Use an interpretive and collaborative approach.

Key Activities

  1. Increase the effective number of Park enforcement officers to 15 by employing more National Park Rangers and obtaining assistance from other agencies and community members.
  2. Roster National Park Rangers for systematic and strategic patrols and field presence
  3. Organise regular joint patrols between the Forestry Department, National Environment and Planning Agency and Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust.
  4. Raise the level of awareness of legislation, particularly amongst local stakeholders.
  5. Mark critical boundary points.

Monitoring: Photo-monitoring geo-referenced sites and aerial/satellite imagery of forests.


Budget: 2017/18
Recurrent: J$12.2 million (US$94,023)
Capital: JA$12.5 million (US$96,538)

10 Year Budget: (2017 - 2027)
Recurrent: JA$253 million (US$1.8 million)
Capital: J$356 million (US$2.6 million)

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