Natural Heritage Conservation Programme

Natural Heritage Conservation


To maintain and enhance the remaining area of closed and disturbed broadleaf forest and protect the plant and animal species that exist in the Blue and John Crow Mountains.

Strategic Approach:

  • Partner with others to conduct studies to guide the preparation of conservation strategies and plans for implementation.
  • The land cover satellite imagery analysis prepared by the Forestry Department in 2015 indicates that lands within the National Park are generally under closed and some disturbed broadleaf forest with most deforestation and degradation outside the boundary. Priority Intervention Areas for investigation and possible conservation work have been identified based on this analysis.
  • Link Conservation Plans to Visitor Management Plans for key sites.

Key Activities

  1. Conduct field studies to better understand the status of closed and disturbed broad-leaf forest and hence to prepare and implement appropriate Conservation Management Plans to guide conservation work at each site.
  2. Continue to implement forest restoration within the National Park including invasive species control.
  3. Conduct forest restoration on lands adjacent to the National Park.
  4. Promote research and liaise with others to conduct studies that will guide implementation of conservation programmes.


Budget: 2017/18
Recurrent: J$2.5 million (US$19,477)
Capital: J$8.2 million (US$63,077)

10 Year Budget: (2017 - 2027)
Recurrent: J$102 million (US$186,042)
Capital: J$32.5 million (US$770,167) This includes the cost of Monitoring and Evaluation

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