Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

Monitoring And Evaluation Programme


To track and record both the threats and the changes to ecosystem health so that it is possible to assess whether or not the BJCMNP is achieving its overarching conservation goal.

Strategic Approach:

Tracking both of the threats posed to the ecosystems of the park (Threats/Ranger based monitoring), and the changes occurring in the ecosystems themselves (Outcomes monitoring) are the two most important aspects of monitoring for management effectiveness in the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. Outcomes monitoring will focus on the Park’s conservation biodiversity targets as indicators of ecosystem health.

Key Activities

  1. Gathering information from Rangers’ observations regarding threats.
  2. Monitoring of forest area and encroachment using permanent photo-points, remote sensing and helicopter reconnaissance.
  3. Monitoring the quality of freshwater, using bio-monitoring techniques.
  4. Monitoring the distribution of birds.
  5. Monitoring the populations of key threatened species.

Monitoring: Income/Expenditure statements, visitor statistics and questionnaires, community research


All costs included within Conservation and Enforcement & Compliance Programmes

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