The Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust is governed by a Board of Directors, which is selected by JCDT members at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Directors

Chairman - Lt. Cmdr Michael Rodriguez

Lt. Cmdr Michael Rodriguez

Lt. Cmdr Michael Rodriguez was appointed Chairman of the JCDT in 2015. He is a former commanding officer with the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard and a former Chief Executive Officer of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management and the Caribbean Maritime Institute. Lt. Cmdr Rodriguez is an Independent ISO Auditor, Trainer and Facilitator with over 30 years experience in environmental, occupational and safety management; as well as disaster preparedness.

Deputy Chairman - Adam Hyde

Deputy Chairman
Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde is Managing Director of Pear Tree Press Limited – a Kingston-based printery; and is a past president of the Jamaica Printers Association. A nature lover and accomplished mountaineer, he has scaled some of the world’s highest summits; including Africa’s Kilimanjaro. Mr. Hyde also enjoys exploring the underground. He is a former head of the Jamaica Caving Club and a founding member of the Jamaica Caves Organisation. Mr. Hyde holds an Associate Diploma in Horticulture.

Members of the Board

  • Ms. Lynda Mair - Secretary
  • Mr. Robert Taylor - Treasurer
  • Mr. Robert Stephens
  • Mr. Ian Neita
  • Mrs. Amber Vicens Stewart
  • Mrs. Camille Needham
  • Mrs. Andrea Dempster- Chung
  • Mr. Michael White
  • Mr. Wayne McKenzie


Executive Director - Dr. Susan Otuokon

Executive Director
Dr. Susan Otuokon

Dr. Susan Otuokon holds a Doctorate in Environmental Management – Ecotourism in Protected Areas from the University of the West Indies. She previously served as Executive Director of the JCDT from 2002 – 2010 and was re-appointed to the post in 2012. Dr. Otuokon is a regional expert in environmental conservation and has consulted on several projects throughout the Caribbean.

National Park Manager - David Walters

National Park Manager
David Walters

David holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Management- Marine and Terrestrial Ecosystems Management from the University of the West Indies (UWI). He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from UWI. He is experienced in environmental research and project management. David is not only a  lover of the outdoors but a keen researcher who seeks to improve JCDT's use of data and systems to achieve its mandate.

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The JCDT appreciates the involvement and support of our Partners, Donors, and Sponsors
  • NEPA
  • Forestry Department
  • Jamaica National Heritage Trust
  • Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
  • Forest Conservation Trust
  • Pear Tree Press
  • Jamaica energy Partners